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In phototherapy, there are medical plants that with success cure almost all familial women’s conditions. Bellow we bring you the list of plants which will help you with certainty.

Lady’s mantle

alchemilla-vulgaris-1This plant goes by many names, virak, lion’s foot, Agile Frog, rabbit’s foot, but people mostly know it as a lady’s mantle. This plant helps with almost all women’s diseases from painful periods followed with cramps to injury and inflammation of the uterus. The most important thing is that this plant empowers the walls of the uterus, relieves the symptoms of delivery and climax. It is highly recommended for pregnant women; they say that tea of lady’s mantle is excellent for thirst. After the first trimester, women can drink this tea once a day. Many women consider this plan as an ultimate cure for all diseases.


c-336-horehoundThis plant is used from ancient time to cure infertility, horehound as they call it, vividly describes the suffering of the women because they couldn’t conceive. Horehound normalizes sex hormones and balances hormonal cycles which are the main conditions for pregnancy. It helps with menstrual problems and with the series of women’s troubles. Two spoons of this plant are poured with two and a half of deciliters of hot water and filtered after five minutes. It is recommended to use three to five cups of the tea per day.

St. John’s Wort

St John's-wort, Perforate (Hypericum perforatum) Leicester Road by Quarry Wall Sapcote SP 4973 9335 (taken 23.6.2006).,For the preservation of healthy vaginal flora, St. John’s Wort tea is highly recommended. It is used as a rinse. 2 dl of hot water is poured over one tablespoon of the dried flowers and leaves. It should stay still at least ten minutes before the use. For this purpose, you will need vaginal douching; you will fill it with mild fluid and put it into your vagina until it’s five centimeters deep, after that you will squeeze out the fluid. Good cure for women’s illnesses is St. John’s Wort oil.


sage-leaves-greenSage is a true woman’s plant. Tea made of sage is very efficient with the heat waves and sweating which are commons symptoms of menopause. Besides that, it helps with mood swings and depression. In the alternative medicine, sage is known as a plant which prevents miscarriage and if it’s drunk as a tea during the last month of the pregnancy, it will stimulate the contraction of the uterus, and it will facilitate the delivery.  In the treatment, sage is only used as a tea. Women can drink two to three cups of this tea per day.


xmarigold.JPG.pagespeed.ic.MznubhaKyrTea made of marigold is used for establishing of the regular menstrual cycle and for the reveal of menstrual cramps. When it’s combined with yarrow and nettles, it can successfully cure polycystic ovaries. Recommended dose are three cups of this tea per day. Marigold tea shouldn’t be boiled, but poured with two dl of hot water and left to still for five minutes. If you have PMS troubles, take two flowers of marigold pour it with two dl of hot water and let it to still for half an hour. Drink tea three times a day after the meal.

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